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Useful Information

  • Currency exchange Dakar

    You're arriving in Senegal; You can sell or buy currencies at the Hotel Farid. The foreign exchange office always tries hard to propose the best rates all around ! The course of CFA comparing to Euro is fixed : 656 = 1Eur

    Currency Exchange at the Hotel Farid

  • taxi airport dakar to hotel Farid Dakar

    The airport of Dakar is situated approximately at 10 km from the hotel. If you wish to go straight to the Farid Hotel after your arrival at Dakar airport, the only thing you have to do is to ask for it and give all the information required when booking.

    Prices: The transfer price is 5,000 CFA (7,5EUR) per person from 8am to 5pm and 10,000 CFA (15 EUR) per person after 5pm.

    AIRPORT SHUTTLE SERVICE with free Wifi Internet provided in the car

    Currency exchange Dakar

    Hotel Farid : Hôtel & Restaurant
    51 rue Vincens. BP 1514 Dakar - Sénégal
    Tel1 : (221) 33.823.61.23
    Tel2 : (221) 33.821.61.27
    Fax : (221) 33.821.08.94